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Shipping Container Homes

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Full 3/2 - Open Kitchen, Dining, Living Rms

2 Covered 1st FL Porches - 2nd FL Deck

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Bessenroth Builders Inc. has enthusiastically entered the shipping container sector of the construction industry joining a host of architects, builders and developers from around the world that are embracing Container 

Construction as a Desirable Alternative to traditional building methods and a Sustainable Model for

Environmental Consciousness

• A BBI container project is a pre-fabricated structure developed to provide sustainable, cutting-edge architectural design and built with integrity by our experienced craftsmen.

• BBI’s container construction is a unique modular system that can be customized to create many floor plans and adapt to many sites.

• A BBI container project may consist of one modular unit or many depending on the architectural design and scope of the owner. 

• A hospital for example may be located on a campus consisting of one module with multiple rooms; multiple structures arranged in varying configurations; or several stories; the options are unlimited.

• BBI container projects are built from recycled steel structures thus conserving energy and material resources.

• When appropriate, BBI utilizes off-site construction to limit site disruption and pollution and reduce carbon emissions during transportation.

• BBI uses sustainable cement board siding and recycled content.

• We use closed cell spray foam insulation for added insulation values, as well as recycled insulation.

• BBI offers the possibility of almost any conventional or alternative wall or floor finishes including bamboo flooring and wall panels, recycled rubber flooring, stone and ceramic materials, and more.

• All BBI container projects are fully insulated for heating and cooling efficiency.

We’re always happy to offer our services independently of one another, but we’ve found that providing a turnkey solution works better for everyone involved. Having all facets of our business under one roof means no miscommunication with a sea of vendors, and peace of mind that you’re dealing with people who have a vested interest in the success of the project from start to finish.