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Shipping Container Architecture is an idea that seems to have arrived. When Malcolm McLean developed the shipping container in the 1950s he Revolutionized the Transport Industry.

In 1987, when Philip C. Clark filed the first known U.S. patent describing a method for converting shipping containers into a habitable buildings he laid the groundwork for a construction concept that is today Revolutionizing the Building Industry

Convenient, Efficient, and Structurally Sound, shipping containers have been used in the construction of commercial and residential structures in Europe and Asia for years. From military outposts and emergency shelters, to housing in densely populated cities and portable medical clinics, Container Architecture has helped fill a pressing need for Affordable, Sustainable Structures. Initially these first structures were single modules generally devoid of the traditional amenities of a comfortable home. Today, shipping containers are used as the building blocks of large, multi-unit, modular and often exotic structures.

License # CBC1255316 

Brief History

"Method for converting one or more steel shipping

containers into a habitable building at a building site and the product thereof".

             -Phillip C. Clark, pat. #4854094 granted August 8, 1989